Ecodial phần mềm thiết kế mạng trung, hạ áp


Phần mềm của tập đoàn Schneider-electric dành cho việc thiết kế các mạng điện trung và hạ áp.

Tính toán các thông số nhanh chính xác.

Thích hợp cho thiết kế các tòa nhà, các công trình và đường dây của lưới phân phối. 

Tóm tắt giới thiệu vè ecodial

 Engineering and design firms, consultants, panelbuilders, contractors and other specialists will be glad to know that the new and improved version of Schneider Electric’s low voltage electrical installation design software is now available.

More than ten years of experience have gone into the Schneider Interactive Software (SIS) range. These products save precious time in producing design files and ensure full compliance with standards and completely reliable calculations.

Advantages for the user include:
– Less time spent on design production.
– Greater productivity (an expression of quality for both users and final customers).
– Reliable data (the Schneider Electric catalog is updated regularly and you benefit from the manufacturer’s expertise).
– Interface with all user media and PC software.
– Customization (you can personalize the file with your logo, sales terms, etc.).
– Compliance with standards (C 15 100, IEC, etc.).

This software has been an unequivocal success around the world. Ecodial 3 is available in localized versions in many countries in Europe and South America. Specific versions now also exist for Turkey and China. To find out more, get in touch with your usual Schneider Electric contact.

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