High voltage circuit breaker

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Preface to the Second Edition

The need for a second edition arises from the fact that, although it is generally
recognized that circuit breakers represent a relatively mature technology there are
some areas of thls technology where changes are inevitable and where some of
these changes take place continuously. The area of circuit breaker standards is one
in which substantial changes have taken place. These changes have been hven
primarily by the need and the desire to aclueve a high level of harmonization between
the International (IEC) and the American (ANSI) Circuit Breaker Standards.
New standards have recently been published and revisions to some others
are in the process of being approved by both organizations. However, as new requirements
are being established for the new generations of equipment, it must be
recognized that a significant number of circuit breakers had been designed to meet
what are now obsolete standards. These circuit breakers are still in service and
consequently there is a need for preserving this type of information. It is the hope
that the readers will find this second edition to be usehl in providing a link between
the old and the new requirements and furthermore that it can be considered
to be a valuable source of information and guidance for the application of the older
Experience with the first edition has suggested the addition of some topics,
which would serve to strengthen the reader’s knowledge, related to the practical
design and application of lugh voltage circuit breakers. More specifically, topics
dealing with dielectric design considerations are covered in a new chapter where
the basic concepts of dielectric strength field strength and types of insulation are
presented. The presentation of this material has maintained the original philosophy
of treating the subject based on a practical approach rather than a detailed mathematical
Also added are sections dealing with the application of circuit breakers that
are connected to systems that have a large reactance to resistance (X/R) ratio and
applications where the circuit breaker is connected directly to power generators.
The application section on capacitance switching has been revised, expanded,
and updated to include recent work-related changes in the standards. The
coverage of switching series and shunt reactors and of temporary voltages hasbeen expanded in the switchmg overvoltages chapter, and a method for evaluating
the benefits of condition monitoring is included in the final chapter.
A number of other minor corrections and additions have been made
throughout the text in an attempt to provide the reader with an enhanced version of
this book.
Again I am grateful to all who encouraged me to work on the second edition
and who offered their comments and suggestions to make this possible.
Ruben D. Garzon

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