IEEE Std C37.12-2008 Guide for Specifications of High-Voltage Circuit Breakers tiêu chuẩn máy cắt điện cao áp

Tiêu chuẩn về thiết kế, vận hành sử dụng máy cắt điện cao áp(>=1 kV) của IEEE

This guide is a revision of ANSI C37.12™-1991. It reflects changes needed to coordinate with the IEEE
Std C37.04™, IEEE Std C37.04a™, IEEE Std C37.06™, IEEE Std C37.06.1™, IEEE Std C37.09™, IEEE
Std C37.010™, IEEE Std C37.011™, IEEE Std C37.012™, and IEEE Std C37.11™. It also reflects the
present circuit breaker manufacturing technology.
This guide applies to all indoor and outdoor ac high-voltage circuit breakers rated above 1000 volts and is
issued as a guide for use in compiling technical specifications for the purchase of ac high-voltage circuit
breakers. Primarily this guide applies to the Vacuum and Sulfur Hexafluoride circuit breakers. References
to older technologies such as oil, air-blast, and air-magnetic circuit breakers have been deleted since these
types are not presently being offered by manufacturers. This guide is intended to assist the user in
specifying proper capabilities for circuit breakers when used in conjunction with IEEE Std C37.010
(application of circuit breakers), IEEE Std C37.011 (transient recovery voltages), IEEES Std C37.012
(capacitive switching), and IEEE Std C37.015™ (reactive switching). The imperative mode of the language
used for example clauses is illustrative of that used in specifications. It does not imply that this document is
anything other than advisory in its scope.
The other change implemented in this guide concerns the title. It has been changed from “AC High-Voltage
Circuit Breakers Rated on a Symmetrical Current Basis-Specification Guide” to “Guide for Specifications
of High Voltage Circuit Breakers (over 1000 Volts).” This change is consistent with similar changes in the
title of other IEEE circuit breaker standards and guides.
This guide contains clauses that may be used directly in a purchaser’s specification. Alternately, users may
modify example clauses to form the basis of their own specification. This guide does not contain all of the
clauses that a purchaser may require for the purchase of high-voltage circuit breakers. For example, this
guide makes no reference to commercial conditions that might be included in a purchaser’s complete
specification. The guide also does not contain example clauses that would provide all necessary
requirements for every system application or physical installation. Users of the guide are cautioned to
thoroughly review each individual application when preparing a high-voltage circuit breaker specification.
Users of this guide are encouraged to review and thoroughly apply the high-voltage circuit breaker
application principles identified in IEEE Std C37.010, IEEE Std C37.011, IEEE Std C37.012, and IEEE Std
C37.015. These application guides have been developed to promote selection of appropriate circuit breaker
features required for the successful application of high-voltage circuit breakers.


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